Some Ways to Detox Naturally

You may already be doing some of these + have made some great habits, + you know how much better you feel because of them.

A natural detox doesn't have to be complicated. Just try to incorporate changes into your life toward a healthier you. Remember start small + work what works best for you into daily habits.

  • Drink more water | we all need more water! To take in your ideal amount, take your total body weight + divide it in half; that's how many ounces you need

  • Start your day with lemon water | 8 oz. of water with real lemon juice squeezed in before you eat or drink anything else

  • Tongue scraping | (I know, gross), but scraping daily removes any build-up on your tongue which is a harbor house of bacteria + if left there can start to cause problems; use a stainless steel tongue scraper (I got mine in health food aisle at our grocery store)

  • Eat more organic, green leafy veggies | kale (if you can), celery, spinach, parsley, cilantro; the fiber they provide is so beneficial

  • Add some probiotics | think raw sauerkraut + fermented foods, good for your digestion

  • Take some chlorophyll | you know the stuff that makes plants green, you need it too! you can find it in tablet or liquid form; I think the liquid form tastes like unsweet tea

  • Unplug | put your phone away + focus on what you're eating, what is going on around you + who you're with

  • Chew your food | slowly + take smaller bites, your tummy will thank you when it's trying to digest

  • Use essential oils | choose a quality supplemental-grade brand; even if you just use them for aromatherapy that's a great start!

  • Play | yeah, I know you're an adult, but you're never to old to play; think back to what you used to enjoy playing as a kid + do it again! paint, dance, write, draw, whatever brings you joy

  • Breathe | pay attention to your breathing, do you hold your breath when you're stressed or upset? take a deep breath instead, you need the oxygen

  • Pray / Meditate | it helps calm your mind, relax your body + reminds you that everything going on in this crazy life is all going to be ok

  • Exercise | get moving! anything, just move! dance, run, walk, bike, hike, whatever just move that botty

  • Stretch | keep your muscles + joints flexible. if you feel like you're "stoved-up", stretch it out

  • Hot + Cold shower cycling | turn the shower temp a little hotter than you normally would then switch it to cold as it'll go; work up to several alternating hot + cold intervals; it's crazy how energized you feel afterwards

  • Go outside | spend time in nature practicing shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, go listen to the leaves rustle, the birds chirp, put your bare feet in the grass, take in the colors of the flowers + sky; nature can be found anywhere + in it you may find more than just a pick-me-up...

"We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito." - C.S. Lewis

  • Get some sun | sunshine provides vital Vitamin D; try 10 minutes of sitting in the sun feeling its warmth shining on your skin; if you live in a place that doesn't get much sun exposure consider investing in a "SAD lamp"

  • Make your bedroom a phone-free zone | charge your cellphone outside of your bedroom at night; get an old-fashioned alarm clock or let the sun + your natural circadian rhythm wake you

  • Clean out your cabinets | take a look at what kind of sundry + beauty products you're using, switch out one commercial product at a time for something more natural with less ingredients; I go by the saying "If it's not safe enough to eat, it's not safe enough to put on your skin". what ingredients are in your products? can you even pronounce them? would you eat that? no? yuck. get rid of it.

  • Use your bathtub | give your shower a break + take a hot bath; try adding in some epsom or mineral salt + some calming essential oil like lavender or another essential oil that makes you feel calmer

  • Exfoliate | use something as simple as a washcloth when you bathe; this can help you sluff off old dead skin cells not to mention pump up the lather to luxury level from your bath soap; who doesn't like more bubbles?!

  • Foot massage | duh, who wouldn't want more of these??? we all know how these make you feel, ahhhh relaxed + unwound.

  • Connect with others | call that person in your life that means a lot to you just to say hello + check in with them; as humans we thrive on relationships + connection

  • Take time for gratitude | what all do YOU have to be thankful for??? I would think that the list would grow pretty long once you begin to start listing

These are just a few suggestions to start with, there are countless more. What is something else you can do to feel better + healthier?

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