Pork Schnitzel

Although not exactly like the schnitzel served at Eve's, the good little German restaurant we enjoy going to on the square in Lampasas, Texas; this schnitzel's pretty tasty + homemade!

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Pork Schnitzel

1½ cups whole-milk yogurt

1 pork tenderloin (1¼ pounds), cut on the bias into 12 thin slices about ¼" thick

1½ cups plain bread crumbs

½ teaspoon onion powder

salt + pepper, to taste

oil or butter for frying

Put bread crumbs + yogurt in 2 separate shallow bowls. Stir breadcrumbs with onion powder to combine. Season pork tenderloin cutlets with salt + pepper then dip in yogurt. Let excess yogurt drip back into bowl. Dredge cutlet in breadcrumbs, pressing to flatten pork + help crumbs adhere. In a large skillet, heat ¼" of oil or butter until shimmering. In batches, add pork in a single layer + cook over moderately High heat, turning once, until brown + crispy, about 5 minutes. Transfer to paper towels to drain. Serve with Sour Cream Cucumber Salad or Sauerkraut, if desired.

It's always nice to try + enjoy foods from various world cultures, although we never have eaten this in Germany, it's still a favorite. Like everything else, I know there's a different recipe according to each family. But please for the love of your health, please don't use vegetable or canola oil for frying these... : )

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