How to Love Getting Dressed

How do you feel when you open your closet door?

  • Frazzled + stressed, sighing in frustration because it always takes forever to decide what to wear


  • Confident + happy with everything that you touch + see, knowing that everything makes you feel good about yourself

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Since we're human, it's something that has to be constantly worked on, curbing our hunger for more materially. Imagine opening your closet + loving every single thing you see, + no matter what you choose you feel good wearing it + not constantly tugging at it.

And everyone has one: what about 'The Chair' sitting in the corner of your bedroom? What's on it? More clothes?

How do you change this?


Less tops. Less bottoms. Less jeans. Less button-ups. Less shoes.

Yes, I just said less shoes...

More is not always better. In these days of fast fashion that's made the clothing that's on the market cheap; both to buy + in quality, our clothing has literally became 'here today + in the trash or give away pile tomorrow'. One main way to a simplified + happier closet is quality over quantity. You don't have to drop big bucks on every purchase, but all the comfy paper thin $2 tanks, $5 tees, + $10 yoga pants in every color are literally choking you.

Be mindful when you shop. Stop listening to the stores + brands tell you that just because the season has changed that you need to go buy more clothes (last year's seasonal clothes that you got at season-end on clearance or the lucky thrift store find are just as good still when you choose well to begin with). Not only are you lining their big box pockets, you are piling more into one of the smallest rooms of your house. The only reason that you would need to get something else is if it doesn't fit your body any more.

Choose wisely. A closet of basics that work well together is what will help solve the frustration. When you choose things that look good however you mix them up, you'll be happy no matter what garments you pick to wear. Not to mention that if you buy quality items, a friend recently pointed out to me that the size will be more consistent because of how they're made. Be picky.

Limit yourself to 50 hangers. Fifty. Why do we have 7 pairs of jeans when we only wear 2? Who can benefit from the other 5 if we were to donate them? Who might be able to find a treasure in the form of their favorite pair of jeans on a thrift store rack? Let them find out, get rid of them. If you bring an item in, an item has to leave: 1 for 1.

Only keep the good stuff. You know that pair of jeans that fit you just right + that top that makes you feel good? Those are the things you're going to keep. Don't hold on to something that 'might' fit you later or that scratchy thing your best friend gave you because of whatever reason. Release it. Put it in the donation bag.

This is just a suggestion as to what basics to keep [think neutrals]:


  • 2 pair jeans [1 dark wash + 1 whiskered]

  • 1 pair black pants [for dressing up or down]

  • 1 pair comfy pants [sweats/yoga]


  • 1 white long-sleeved button-up blouse

  • 1 denim/chambray long-sleeved button-up shirt

  • 1 white tee

  • 1 black tee

  • 3 graphic/novelty tees [gotta have these!]

  • 1 white tank

  • 1 black tank

  • 1 crewneck sweater [cotton thin knit]

  • 1 medium-weight sweater

  • 1 heavier-weight sweater


  • 1 little black dress [semi-modest length of no-wrinkle fabric for versatility]

  • 1 wrap dress [universally flattering for all body types]

  • 1 knee-length skirt


  • 1 jean jacket [one that fits snug on your shoulders, but still has room for layering]

  • 1 white or light neutral cardigan [cotton thin knit]

  • 1 black cardigan [cotton thin knit]

  • 1 rain jacket [mine is a $15 closed-out clearance rack find by Columbia]

  • 1 medium-weight jacket

  • 1 heavy jacket [shop a season-end clearance rack for a favorite, Northface]

  • 1 pair light-weight gloves

  • 1 pair heavy-weight weatherproof/snow gloves [again, Northface has proven itself]

  • 1 light-weight scarf

  • 1 heavy-weight scarf

  • 1 beanie

  • 1 baseball cap [to slap on on a bad hair or windy day]

  • 1 beach/summer sun hat


  • 1 swimsuit [put your $$$ here, quality definitely matters!]

  • 1 bikini [for getaways with your spouse/partner who always like to see you in one no matter what size you are!]

  • 1 coverup


  • 2 pairs pajamas/night shirts [go for soft brushed cotton]


  • 3 bras [1 white, 1 black + 1 nude, + get your correct size!]

  • 7 pairs panties

  • 3 pairs no-show socks

  • 3 pairs low/regular socks

  • 3 pairs heavy-weight wool socks [like Smartwool]

  • 1 pair tall socks


  • 1 pair sneakers [for working out]

  • 1 pair casual sneakers [I like Superga]

  • 1 pair leather dress sandals

  • 1 pair flip flops/water sandals [like Chacos]

  • 1 pair simple flats

  • 1 pair boots [ankle, cowboy, or knee]

  • 1 pair black wedges/pumps [whichever you prefer]

  • 1 pair rubber boots [to wear in the garden, mud, rain or just to be cute]

  • 1 pair winter/snow boots

Utilitarian Accessories:

  • 1 leather purse

  • 1 large travel tote

  • 1 weekender overnight bag

  • 1 backpack

  • 1 beach bag

  • 1 makeup bag/pouch

Add pops of color + interest with accessories. Here again, keep it to simple, pared down, + colorful quality or handmade favorites! Handmade real turquoise jewelry from New Mexico always makes me : )

Own less + love more. When you have less to sort through, you will find that you love what you do have even more. You'll be able to get dressed easier, faster, + with less effort because you'll always be wearing your favorites. Know your right now body shape, then pick what feels best on it. I can see you smiling already : )

"Have nothing in your closet that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

~ Abraham Lincoln ; )

And side note: You are NOT going to run out of clothes. You do laundry at least once a week if not more often.

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