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Having been reached out to on several occasions about the subject of homeschooling I thought best to just go ahead + share what we have experience with.

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First, read this out loud so you can hear yourself say it:

"I can homeschool my kids successfully."

Yes you can, + you are fully-equipped to do so.

This is not to put down or discount ALL of the wonderful public + private school teachers holding teaching degrees they worked so hard to earn + teaching positions held throughout our great country. I completely salute you + literally don't know how you do it ~ teaching on up to 30 kids (or more) at a time in the classrooms + dealing with what you deal with on the daily; not to mention all of the online course teaching you've had to lead since our worlds all got turned for us.

You are angels. God bless you. every. one.

But we're all aware times + family lifestyle situations are changing. Sometimes these changes are leading us to teach our children at home because we're working from home, it just makes more sense for us teach our kids at home as well.

There's an endless sea of options when it comes to homeschooling with a biblical pathway as well as a secular pathway. You know what your beliefs are (or are not) + what you're more comfortable with, so run with it.

Please be aware that regulations + rules vary from state to state so be sure to research what your home state requires before you begin your journey.

A great place to start:

Curriculum we've used in the past:

  • AOP Monarch | online-only with automatic grading, some minimal parent grading

  • AOP Switched On Schoolhouse | PC-based software, no internet required, automatic grading with some minimal parent grading

  • AOP Lifepacs | workbook-based, no internet required, all parent graded

  • ACE Paces | workbook-based, no internet required, all parent graded, very biblical-based, old-school cartoony, a lot of people don't like it because of this so the reviews you'll see online tend to be terrible but take them with a grain of salt

  • My Father's World | intensive fully-parent involved, no internet required, great if teaching a range of ages all together

  • Teaching Textbooks | computer-based software, no internet required or online-only math program

  • Math U See | great math curriculum for those struggling to learn math, no internet required

  • Handwriting Without Tears | workbook-based penmanship courses for early learning, no internet required

  • New American Cursive | awesome workbook-based penmanship courses, no internet required

  • Dave Ramsey Personal Finance for Homeschool | middle school to college age, computer-based software or online, we cannot say enough good things about these courses; you as a parent might learn something as well!

  • National Driver Training | online course to help with getting student driver permit + license

  • Kahn Academy | free online courses in just about any subject at just about any level of learning

  • Life of Fred | textbook-based novel-style visual math courses

  • Apologia | textbook-based or online Creation-based science courses tailored to student interest

  • Spelling Power | work/textbook-based, parent-led spelling + vocabulary skill building, ages 8 through adult, no internet required

  • Rosetta Stone | computer, internet + mobile app-driven foreign language learning courses, pre-K through adult

  • ABC Mouse | computer internet-based learning for younger children ages 2 to 8

Preferred Resources:

This is just a bare-bones list of what's out there, with a gazillion + ten ways to homeschool what works for our family may not work for yours; but that's what's so great about it! Tailor it to your kids, you know them best + how they learn best. Don't be upset if you start something + find that it's not working; try something else. Also, what works for one of your kids may not work for the other child. Allow them the freedom to learn how their brain works best.

There are countless used homeschool curriculum and general homeschool social media groups of all kinds that you can join to buy/trade your materials + resources from/with each other. There are hundreds of websites of free games for math, spelling + other subjects. Utilize your local library as well. Browse thrift stores for reference books. Visit museums, state and national parks, + places of interest. Let your kids lead you as to what they're interested in learning then center their studies around that subject. Make it fun because learning is fun + learning is done every where, not just in a classroom.

I don't claim to be an expert on homeschooling but I have learned I don't have to be a genius or hold a degree of any sort to be able to successfully homeschool our children.

So be encouraged, if I can do it, you can too...

May your homeschool journey be rewarding whatever pathway you decide to take. Drop me a line if you have any questions, I'll try + help with the best of my ability to.

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