How to Address an Envelope

In this day of digital everything, there are still a few "old day" skills that are just good to know; for instance like how to hand-address an envelope.

There are few things in life that are more special than receiving a hand-written message from someone special. Yes, texts, emails + instant messaging is so much faster; + they definitely have their places in life, but they all lack the true personal touch (literally).

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Casual Mail

Below, you can see how to hand-address an envelope to send to someone special or to a business to pay a bill or inquire about something.

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On casually-addressed envelopes you can keep it short + sweet by using abbreviations on streets St., drives Dr., avenues Ave., post office boxes P.O. Box, other names of locations, + states.

Wedding or Party Event Invitation / Greeting / Thank You

As you see here on the envelope example below, this is how to address an envelope for a paper invitation like for a wedding, a party or a greeting of a friendly hello or thank you. Personally, I prefer to receive paper invitations as opposed to digital because they help build the excitement up for the party or event that is to be attended! And who doesn't it make feel extra special to get an invite or a written Thank You or Hello?!

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The big difference between the two is that the event invitation is more formal due to the inclusion of the formal name prefixes + the spelling out of the Address Names fully + State as opposed to using shorter, quicker abbreviations.

Name Formal Prefix Abbreviation Tips:

  • single or married or divorced male = Mr.

  • single never married female = Miss

  • married female = Mrs.

  • unknown if single or a divorced female = Ms.

Yes, it does take more time to spell everything out all the way, but just take a breather, slow down, + enjoy the process. Think about the recipient of the invitation, their positive personality qualities, + how much they will add to your event by having them there or how much you appreciate what they did for you. If it takes you a few days to hand-address the invitations, just allow yourself a few extra days to get them done. SLOW down + ENJOY the process.

I always love to do my hand-addressed invitations + greetings with fancy handwriting to help the recipient feel extra-special. I used Lisa Funk's Learn Lettering to teach myself how to write even fancier. It's an easy-to-learn process that is extremely rewarding; not only for addressing envelopes but to increase your creativity + mindfulness.

Oh, + don't forget your stamp or check with your post office or the US Postal Service for the correct postage due! : ) Different sizes + envelope weights have different costs other than the standard stamp fee.

Now, who do you need to send a hand-written note to??? ; )

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