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I remember purchasing this book when our kids were toddlers, because I was desperate for help to keep our house clean, so I've had it on my bookshelf a long time + it gets referred to often. It was one of those literal 'life changers' when I read it.

You young mamas, I was there, I felt it: toddlers running around strewing snacks all over then crunching them into the carpet, babies crying needing your attention or to be fed or changed, dryer buzzing telling you its contents are ready to be folded or they're going to wrinkle + look terrible... while looking at my frumpy self of makeup-less face + unbrushed hair, the frazzle + frenzy; I remember it well. Hang in there, this season is very short although it doesn't feel like it + before you realize it, it'll be over + you'll long for those days long gone...

Sorry – I got lost in my reminisces... I'll get back to the book:

It is filled with helpful household tips, tricks, organizational guides, de-cluttering steps + so much more. Many things that I do personally, have been adapted from the inspiration of this very book.

The author, Cynthia Townley Ewer used to operate a website that she had wonderful organizational guides on + a super-useful email newsletter. Just recently she announced her retirement + the shutting down of her OrganizedHome website. Although very happy for her new journey, numbers of us that frequently checked her website for her tips were saddened to discover this news. If you look her up online you'll find countless articles that she wrote or contributed cleaning + organizational advice to.

This book gets a big thumbs up from me!

If you're a reader + like a useful reference book to have on your shelf, keep your eyes out for a copy to get your hands on either on Amazon or at your local thrift store.

In future postings, I will be writing about organizational tips, tricks, schedules that I adapted from Ms. Ewer + also from another one of my inspiring authors, "The Fly Lady" aka Marla Cilley. I've never met these ladies, but they've both helped me tremendously in ways they'll probably never realize. That is my same prayer for those of you out there also, that what I write will hopefully make some kind of difference + help someone out there somewhere, somehow. : )

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