Homemade Lemonade

There's no powdered substitute for the real thing once you've had it. It's easy ya'll.

The biggest thing is taking the time to treat the lemons how they need to be - each one loving rolled to release all those tart juices out as much as possible. While you're rolling each one, just think of how much you're going to enjoy the fruit of your labor : ) This recipe makes 1 gallon.

Homemade Lemonade

15 large fresh lemons, washed

1 3/4 cups raw sugar


Roll lemons 1 at a time on counter with palm of your hand pressing down on them as you roll to release juices. Cut each lemon in half + squeeze juice out into a 1-gallon pitcher while holding over a metal sieve to catch stray seeds. Squeeze juice out of each lemon taking care to get as much juice as possible from them. (Or use a less-rewarding reaming juicer). Add sugar to pitcher + stir to dissolve sugar in lemon juice. Add water to fill pitcher then stir all ingredients together to combine well. Taste. If more tartness is desired, add more fresh lemon juice. Serve over ice + garnish glass with a fresh lemon slice.

Best served while sitting on the front porch swing with loved ones or friends, or in the winter when you need a sunny summer pick-me-up.

Note: If you don't like it as sweet, just use less sugar : )

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