Everyone Needs a Purpose

Started out of the need for a creative outlet, the purpose of this project is to tell what I have learned, experienced and thought over my years.

I can't even count the times I've started this project and ended up deleting it, putting it down and trying to ignore it. (I hear the 'Amen's from the people that know me personally and my countless Facebook and Insta deletions and comebacks). What could I say that's not already been said? What could I share that I've done that's not already been done (and likely better by someone else)? What of value could I add to the world of the internet that's not already been extensively covered? The answer - absolutely nothing.

“That something that I have done, learned or experienced could be of use to others.”

My words are just a drop in the swirling sea of words, videos, bits and bytes in existence already but I've decided that I can't let that fear of insignificance stifle what's been burning inside.

We all have a purpose.

My original intended purpose for this blog was to create a central location that our children can refer to for recipes, household helps and bits of wisdom from their Mom so that I don't have to create Jordan Household Volume 1 through ??? for them; I can just add it here and they can check and refer back to it as needed.

Then another thought came into my mind - what if someone else can use something here also? Lord, that would be an answer to another one of my prayers! To be able to extend my reach beyond the four walls of our home and our two businesses. That something that I have done, learned or experienced could be of use to others.

My hope is that it is not only our kids that can use the information contained herein, but some other soul may find some use for it too.

This is all for you.

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